Twister Trimmer

Trimming Sucks!

It doesn't have to anymore! The newest of the Twisters, the Twister T4, is available now. This trimmer uses modern cutting technology, it trims better and faster than anything in the past "and it doesn't need lunch breaks".

We know it's essential to our growers for us to continue to be on top of the industry, and this leading trimmer certainly does all that and so much more.

You Know the Benefits, Here are the Features:

  • Minimal Flower Impact: The small tumbler size incorporated with polished stainless steel nonstick surface means very little impact since there is less wall crawl and shorter tumble distance.
  • No Set Up Needed: Merely plug it in, turn it on, and get going!
  • Lightweight: Simple to move anywhere you need it.
  • Easy Cleaning: Strips down in seconds for simple accessibility to the blades.

We are an Authorized Dealer of Twister Brand products and supplies. Go to the Twister website to read more about all of their products and accessories. Their products are made to last and are back by a very solid warranty.

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