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Marijuana Growing Consulting - The Joy of Hydroponics

Are you presently growing Marijuana or planning to grow Cannabis in the near future and live in the Billings location? Are there any sort of questions you may have concerning growing marijuana or how to grow marijuana better? When you are growing, and obtaining healthy and large leaves is just one of your goals, there are many obstacles which could be faced. We know grow, and also want you to know you can rely on us for your assistance.


If you are merely getting going or you have actually been growing for some time, we are here to assist. Our Grow Geeks are trained to know the very best products and solutions, depending on your goals or dilemmas. We know just how parasites can be a problem or how inconsistent temperatures and moisture can effect the growth of your plants, as we have also encountered these issues in the past. If you have discovered a problem that we have not experienced, we will absolutely work with you to uncover the very best solution.


Here are just some of the questions and things we understand:

  • From seedlings to healthy marijuana plants - how should you adapt your Grow Room for optimum results
  • The ABC's of cloning - How to take your best plants and continue to improve the Grow cycle
  • What pots are the best pots to use in your grow garden
  • The delicate balance of the consistency with pH, and how this may change in different situations
  • Nutrient Manipulation - How what you put in your water makes a difference


The solution to growing could differ depending on a number of variables (temperature level, humidity, top water quality, illumination, and so on), and we comprehend the need our customers have for us, to be able to answer their questions and concerns. Growing cannabis can be a satisfying adventure, and also make it easier compared to visiting a store to purchase marijuana. It can also be enjoyable , as you learn how to improve, growing larger, healthier, marijuana plants.


Billings's "Grow Geeks"

We call our team "Grow Geeks" since we are just that. A geek is determined to be a person that is a little bit quirky, and even socially inept. We vow not to be socially inept, however we are a group of very competent growers, that are passionate in the fine art of hydroponics. Some might call that "Geeky" yet to us, it is a lifestyle.


If you are looking for advice on growing marijuana, and have some questions, we are more than happy to help.



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