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Hydroponic Supplies in Billings, Montana

Attain your growing goals with premier hydroponic and indoor gardening products from Grow World in Billings, Montana. To learn more about our products and how we can help you find what you need for your garden, contact us today.


Soil-less Mediums

These materials are made from organic and inorganic materials, and are much different from plan dirt. They are used to promote plant development while permitting a stable reservoir of nutrients and moisture. In addition, they supply an area for root and water movement in the growing container. You could use soil free mediums for a wide range of gardening, even flower beds. For your convenience, we carry all types of soil-less mediums!



Grow World provides a massive variety of domestic as well as imported plant foods. Use of fertilizer could help your produce generate a greater harvest when added to the soil. It supplies plants with nutrients crucial for the development, and is available in small containers or huge bags.


Nutrients and Additives

Nutrients and additives are used to help your plants thrive while growing. We carry BOTANICAREĀ® plant energy products to support your hydroponic needs. A large supply of other nutrients and additives are also available.


Contact our hydroponic distributors in Billings, Montana, for supplies that make indoor growing possible.



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