Head Shop

What is a Head Shop?

There are many theories about where the term "Head Shop" comes from. Many believe that it comes from the popular nickname for fans of the Grateful Dead - Dead Heads - but most likely the term came around in 1913. This was the first year that somebody with a drug addiction was referred to as a "head." Whether it be a "pot head" or "crack head" the word suddenly became a part of American counterculture.


Head Shops began as stores that specialized in selling drug paraphernalia. The drugs themselves were never a part of a head shop's inventory, but they do often stock everything from water pipes, rolling papers, and psychedelic aids, to incense and apparel. We offer many different smoking supplies along with all of our hydroponic grow supplies.


Our Head Shop is truly one of a kind as you can tell. Our knowledge goes from the ground (literally) up, and we can't wait to assist you in whatever you may need!

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