Dab Supplies

Dab Supplies

At Grow World you can choose from a variety of styles, percolation systems, brands, and colors. We carry all kinds of vapor pipes so that you can enjoy your favorite legal essential oils even more. Dab rigs and concentrate pipes are in high demand, but we make sure to only stock rigs made of the highest quality glass to ensure a long lasting and durable product.


What’s the difference between traditional smoking and dabbing?

The most noticeable difference is that there is a less harsh smoking experience with dabbing. The concentrate, oil, or extract is burned at such a high temperature that there is no combustion process. This makes a vapor instead of the smoke that is created from simply lighting it with a match or butane lighter.


A dab rig comes with a dome and some kind of nail – it could be titanium, glass, or quartz. The first step is to heat the nail with a torch until it glows with heat. The second step is to press the concentrate to the heated nail and watch it quickly turn to vapor that is easily inhaled.


If you are interested in dabbing, come in and see our wide selection of dabbing accessories. Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you have a special request, call and let us know!


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