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We understand grow and we understand the supplies growers need grow efficiently. Whether you have actually been growing for several years in the Billings area or you are just starting, know that we have all the materials you need to grow effectively. For those currently growing marijuana by themselves, or if you are seeking to start, we could provide suggestions to assist you preserve or improve your current plants. From plants to the bud stage, from duplicating to gauging, as well as suggesting what nutrients and additives you may need.


At Grow World, we started as a hydroponic shop for hydroponic growers. We understand how you can grow as well as have discovered every grower has their individual preferences for the various items and products they utilize. To satisfy everyone, we always carry multiple brands of all our items, to better fulfill the demands of all growers. Cannabis, like other plants, have their own likes as well as what works for one, may not work the same for others. We like to think we carry every supply possible to aid you with growing Cannabis, or any other plant you might be growing. If we don't stock it, we will bring in what you require, or make a referral for a similar item. We ensure everything we offer, so you can count on us to support you and your growing desires.


We couldn't possibly list everything we carry here, that would take a bunch of room. Where we do have a bunch of room, is in our shop. We are one of the biggest hydroponic stores in the entire Billings area and when you visit us, you will understand why we have one of the best reputations in the field. And if you are growing Cannabis or seeking to grow Cannabis, we can help you too!



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