Bongs & Water Pipes

Bongs & Water Pipes

We continue to grow our supply every week. Finding the perfect bong or water pipe for you can feel like a lifetime of searching. Not all bongs are created equally and there are plenty of cheap bongs out there that may offer charm but are poor quality. We make it our goal to stock a wide variety of bongs and water pipes so that you can find the best fit for yourself. That’s why we are constantly growing our supply and adding more affordable bongs. The more we can offer you, the better chance we have of finding the perfect one.


We carry bongs and water pipes in many sizes, styles, and designs, and we also offer a selection of glass water pipes known as hookah pipes. If you are an old fashioned tobacco fan, then you may enjoy using a hookah pipe. Each of our hookah pipes comes with extension tubes and mouthpieces.


If you are looking for a specific type or brand of bong or water pipe, please give us a call at 406-969-1727! We are located in Billings, Montana and our store is open Monday through Sunday, 10:00am to 8:00pm.

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