Huge Selection of Smoking Supplies

What used to be called a Head Shop, still is by many. We welcome you to stop by and visit with us and check out our selection. Our selection is constantly changing as just about everything is custom made. If you have any questions or requests about a special water pipe, or any smoking product for that matter, we'd welcome your suggestions and feedback, and we will do everything we can to stock the items you are looking for.


We carry bongs and water pipes in many size, styles, and designs. We carry hookah pipes and accessories too. If you are looking for a specific type or brand of bong or water pipe please let us know.

Huge Selection of Hydroponics

Quality brands such as General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Foxfarm, Roots Organics, Cutting Edge Solutions, Dyna Gro, Supernatural, Mad Farmer, Down to Earth, Advanced Nutrients, Dutchmaster, BioBizz, Bcuzz, Home & Garden, Bumper Harvest, Xtreme Gardening, Hygrozyme, Stumptown Nutrients and so many more!! At Grow World, as opposed to finding "little bits and pieces" of your preferred brands as well as nutrient lines, you will be able to access full product lines with all the additives. In our showroom, we have the largest choice of indoor gardening items in the Billings area. Whether you are a novice, hobbyist, professional, or full-time commercial grower, we are here to serve you. We are prepared for all of your questions, to be your support, and also provide the products that you prefer. So come on in and view the huge range of products and services we supply. Grow World always has special programs and discounts readily available to help you conserve cash on the hottest items and brand names around. Visit our showroom and give us the opportunity  to gain your business!




Save with us every day on big name brand nutrients. Come on in-store & enjoy the savings. Know why Grow World is THE place for all your hydroponic needs.

-Every Day Savings-

Ask for your card on your next visit!

Hydroponic Supplies Worth the Drive From:

Billings, Laurel, Lockwood, Hesper, Park City, Huntley, Ballantine, Comanche, Action, Livingston, Bozeman, Bighorn, Miles City, Glendive, Butte, Forsyth, Gardiner, Great Falls, Hardin, Helena, Roundup, Townsend,

and from Wyoming - Lovell, Cowley, Cody, and Sheridan.


*If you don't see your city listed here, let us know and we will add you!


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